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Life undercover

coming of age in the CIA

Life undercover
Life undercover
  • Forfatter: Amaryllis Fox
  • Antall sider: 240
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • Forlag/Utgiver: Vigmostad & Bjørke AS (VB Import)
  • Nivå: Voksen
  • EAN: 9781524711665
  • Utgivelsesår: 2019
  • Andre medvirkende: Fox, Amaryllis (for)
  • Utgave nr.: 1
  • Emnekategori: Memoarer, politikk og militæret, Selvbiografier: historie, Spionasje og hemmelige tjenester
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Amaryllis Fox's riveting memoir tells the story of her ten years in the most elite clandestine ops unit of the CIA, hunting the world's most dangerous terrorists in sixteen countries while marrying and giving birth to a daughter. Amaryllis Fox was in her last year as an undergraduate at Oxford studying ancient languages and theoretical physics when her writing mentor Daniel Pearl was captured and beheaded. Galvanized by this brutality, she applied to a Master's program in conflict and terrorism at Georgetown's School of Foreign Service, where she created an algorithm that predicted, with uncanny certainty, the likelihood of a terrorist cell arising in any village around the world. At 21, she was recruited by the CIA. Her first assignment was reading and analyzing hundreds of classified cables a day from foreign governments and synthesizing them into daily briefs for the President. Her next assignment was at the Iraq desk in the Counterterrorism center. At 22, she